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Be an Exhibitor at Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop 2009

Due to a surge in the number of people becoming Green Conscious and with industrialized countries becoming answerable for measurable carbon reductions, it is high time that industries across sectors worldwide realize the importance of adopting benign technologies to have a stand in this competitive world.

Last week, Newsweek had released the top 500 US Green Ranking companies across various sectors. This report shows that many companies like Allergen, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, IBM, Owens Corning, etc. have taken their small steps towards sustainable chemistry and many more are in the process of adopting benign technologies. Realizing that green chemistry has the potential to enhance the economical and environmental competitiveness, Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW- 2009) was initiated aimed towards bringing sustainable future for all. IGCW welcomes all the companies to exhibit their sustainable initiatives at our workshop. For all the companies, it would be a great opportunity to bring forth their green initiatives, as more than 750 decision makers and 30 academia would be a part of this prestigious and unprecedented workshop.

IGCW-2009 would be an apt opportunity to exhibit your “Green” products and services and establish credibility of being one of the pioneers in the implementation of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Two kind of populace would be beneficial being a part of IGCW. First, obviously those who have initiated sustainable technologies; as they would get broad exposure to the leading industries worldwide. Secondly, people who are planning to work towards green technologies. For them, this workshop would be an excellent platform to enrich their knowledge about different green chemistry technologies. People belonging to the second category would be exposed to the sustainable technologies adopted by the companies from around the world.

So are you geared up to showcase your green initiatives with us?

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Green Consumer Day – Make a difference!

3745993648_4f67264c1fIn India, it was a long weekend for us lately as the festive season is around. I really savored myself with lots of shopping and fun! But trust me shopping today is not that easy as it was during early days. Today, we are snared between an assortment of products in so many various models; we tend to get confused whether to buy this one or that one. Under such circumstances, choosing an appropriate product that fits our value propositions has become all the more important. Ahh, this reminds me of the fact that 28th September, i.e. yesterday was  the Green Consumers Day!

Lately, terms such as global warming, recyclable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, compostable, and bio-based have created a buzz even among common men – thanks to the newspapers and electronic media, who constantly talk about this in one way or the other! Consequently, knowingly or unknowingly, people are getting more “Green Conscious” than “Brand Conscious” and are voting with their shopping dollars, gravitating towards green businesses. People are more concerned more than ever about the environmental impact of products they buy. Practical consumers purchase those products and packages that can be recycled or otherwise safely disposed off in their communities. As a result, the number of industries under fire from environmentalists has grown very rapidly. Green Consumerism has helped to spur significant shifts in the way in which some industries view the environmental challenge. Although green consumers express their environmental concerns in individual ways, they are motivated by universal needs. These needs translate into new purchasing strategies with implications for the ways product are developed and marketed. Many industries have realized that it is not easy to fulfill the appetite of people for shopping with material goods. So in turn, they have also shifted towards green techniques.

So, if you are not a green consumer, then Green Consumer Day is the day when you can think and rethink on what we buy, how and the impact it has on us and on our common environment. Motivated by the universal need that has arisen; we can take our small baby steps, which would add to the conglomeration of the bigger cause – Environment Protection. Let us Go Green and make a difference!