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Many events are happening around the globe focusing on the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, viz, CPhI – Worldwide, CPhI India, Informex, etc. Subsequently, standing tall and steady can become difficult for a new comer like IGCW (Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop). But did you ever think how do we stand different from these high-end events of the industry? The answer is very simple – our Concept and our Way of Approach make IGCW different from other big events!

IGCW ’09 is the first global event which aims to take green chemistry from the cauldrons of the laboratory to the corridors of industry. It will involve from concepts to execution. This event will focus on green chemistry and engineering in chemistry intensive areas such as in fine chemicals which will include dyes and pharma, agrochemicals, colorants, personal care chemicals, etc. It will look at revisiting chemistries and see how at source changes are being incorporated for greening the processes.

The event is segregated in three days and is primarily designed on the basis of a 9-Eye (I) Approach; each ‘eye’ expanding the vision of participants for engaging them into emerging views of Industrial Green Chemistry (IGC) paradigms. The 9-EYE of the workshop is Ignition, Inspiration, Initiation, Identification, Invention, Innovation, Industrialization, Implementation, and Impact.

Again the target audience for each day is different. Day one is for over 300 Senior Management, Directors, CEOs, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Strategic Advisors, etc. to recognize and explore the ecological and economical footprint of Industrial Green Chemistry through Ignition, Inspiration, and Initiation. second day of the workshop, i.e. 5th December, 2009, aims at technical directors, R&D managers, chief scientists, CTOs, CXOs, etc, to identify the key industrial challenges, and view various paradigms emerging in the domain of IGC, further providing significant input for inventing and innovating its application through Identification, Invention, and Innovation. Finally, the third day, i.e. 6th December, 2009, will encompass specific requirements of industries for implementing IGC and thus elucidate ecological and economical impact concerning the process, production, project, operation managers, vice-presidents, etc.

On day one, the main aim of the workshop is to enlighten and ignite awareness about IGC among more than 1, 00,000 people connected to chemical industry as stakeholder. The whos who of the industry will commence the workshop enlightening the audience talking about various aspects of industrial green chemistry right from the concept to the principles to revisiting chemistries and helping understand the greening of the processes. For this, stalwarts like Prof. Paul Anasthas and Dr. John Warner will share their knowledge and expertise on IGC. Prof. Paul Anasthas will give a lecture on Sustainable Innovations through Green Chemistry and Dr. John Warner would share the 12 most important principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Further, Dr. Murli Sastry, Chief Scientist with Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre, will further ignite the audience by narrating the 100 years journey of sustainability at TATA Group.

Once commenced, the consequent days will lead to further Eyes of the 9-Eye (I) Approach, which is linked just so perfectly that once out of the workshop, the addressees would be fully enlightened about industrial green chemistry. So will you be with us to know more about the next Eyes of the event?


Author: igcw

Industrial Green Chemistry World is India's first flagship platform that brings together the mainstream issues concerning Green Chemistry and Green Engineering to all stakeholders of Chemical Industry. Join us at the IGCW-2015 Symposium & Expo in Mumbai, India. Through your participation, be assured of an enriching exposure to diverse successful endeavors in the industry that can transform your thinking on your technological and business practices with world leading practices and global trends. In line with the success of IGCW-2009, IGCW-2011, IGCW-2013, the IGCW-2015 Symposium and Expo will provide business leaders at all levels with insights into developing and enhancing profitable and sustainable means for implementing Green Chemistry and Green Engineering practices. Successful practitioners and experts in the field will present on the many current and future green and sustainable opportunities in the chemical industry.

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