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Do you envisage a GREEN industrial age?

We all are aware about how much harm we are doing to the nature. So, if we don’t do something to compensate our mistake now, then never will we get a chance. And who else, Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW) 2009 is giving you this golden opportunity to understand your gaffe and take the right step at the earliest.

IGCW is the very first platform that will bring the who’s who of the chemical industry from around the globe to discuss, talk, enlighten, and help others to implement benign technologies to enhance the economical and environmental competitiveness of the chemical industry through sustainable ways. It means novel products, new chemistries, innovative engineering, and therefore manifold opportunities and better profitability.

IGCW is based on the 9-Eye (I) Approach, i.e., Ignition, Inspiration, Initiation, Identification, Invention, Innovation, Industrialization, Implementation, and Impact. Each eye expands the vision of participants engaging them into emerging views of Industrial Green Chemistry (IGC) paradigms. The first two days of the workshop would concentrate on sowing the seed of industrial green chemistry in the minds of the participants. On the third day, i.e., 6th December, 2009, eminent people from the associated field will talk on how to implement it. The vision of this workshop is to see industries consider green chemistry and green engineering as a true mantra for corporate innovation, thereby transcending from the 20th century GREY industrial age to the 21st century GREEN industrial age.

Stressing on the 8th eye, i.e., Industrialization, renowned people, viz., Dr. RK Sharma, Dr. Alok Adhelya, Mr. Nitesh Mehta, and Dr. Kira Matus will give lectures on how to  transform “pollution control” to “pollution prevention” as a profit-centre approach. Dr. R.K. Sharma and Dr. Alok Adhelya, together will give a speech on Applications of microbe-plant-chemistry Approach to address Bio-Energy and Bio-Remediation needs. Mr. Nitesh Mehta will speak on a very interesting and untouched topic, Enviropreneurship – A model to accelerate implementation of green chemistry. Dr. Kira Matus will speak on Understanding Innovation for sustainable future: A comparison study of Green Chemistry in US, India, and China.

Chemical industry is definitely going to tread a new path, after attending IGCW. So if you haven’t registered with us, hurry up … only few days are left for the D-day!


It’s time to implement green technology, isn’t it?

Being aware of something but still not practically implementing it, for the betterment of the society is what most of us do. So here’s the chance to actually understand and implement the concept of Industrial Green Chemistry for the production and delivery of chemical products in a sustainable way.

Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW 2009) is a workshop where the participants can understand, realize, and explore the ways to implement green technologies to enhance the economical and environmental competitiveness of the chemical industry. The three-day workshop, based on the 9-Eye (I) Approach, will gradually take the participants through different aspects of industrial green chemistry.

All the three days will focus on their respective themes. The final day of the workshop will encompass specific requirements of industries for implementing IGC, and thus elucidate ecological and economical impact concerning the process, production, project, operation managers, vice-presidents, etc. The theme for the last day would be Implementation, Industrialisation, and Impact. Consequent to the keynote address by Dr. Amy Cannon on Green Chemistry: From classroom to manufacturing, Dr. Joe Armstrong, Dr. Shailendra Singh, and Dr. Gottumukkala V Subbaraju will elaborate on ways to implement IGC to achieve triple bottom line of Planet, People, and Profit.

Dr. Joseph Armstrong will speak on Green Chemistry through Innovation at Merck. He will highlight on the development of an environmentally benign alternative manufacturing route to sitagliptin, the active pharmaceutical ingredient in JANUVIA®. He will speak about how Merck and Codexis have collaborated to discover and develop a transaminase capable of catalyzing the production of chiral amine from a complex ketone precursor in high yield and nearly perfect enantioselectivity. Dr. Shailendra Singh will speak on how the conventional method for niacin production is less efficient and highly pollutant and forms a big threat to environment and overall community. Consequently, he will elaborate on innovative and sustainable ways of producing niacin viz., niacin production via catalysis, where chemical  conversion consisting a  number of individual reaction steps, are brought about in one reaction step by applying multi-functional catalyst, making the process much more cleaner, greener (eco-friendly), and carbon efficient. Further, Dr. G. V. Subbaraju will elaborate on green technology for the esterification of carboxylic acids presenting details from many successful examples. Wow! Isn’t it really an all-encompassing session!

I am definitely going to be a part of this workshop. What about you?