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Meet you again in 2011!

Finally, the historic Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop – 2009 concluded with a huge success. At a time, when the entire world is keenly watching on the Copenhagen summit, expecting a greener and brighter future, IGCW was truly India’s contribution towards a sustainable future.

Today when the chemical world  is facing the challenge of addressing the E-factor (kgs waste generated / kg production), innovative and sustainable concepts of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering  should be the new paradigms to address these emerging challenges.  Thus, it is imperative that various stakeholders of the Chemical Industry came together to make this event a huge success.The event witnessed the presence of the who’s who of the chemical industry, viz, Prof. Paul Anastas, Dr. John Warner, Dr. Rajendra Varma, so on and so forth…

The workshop which was based on the 9 Eye approach, took the audience right from understanding the concept of Green chemistry from the horse’s mouth, viz, Prof. Paul Anastas to citing examples of companies, such as Tata Chemicals, who has built India’s the most efficient Urea Plant in Babrala.   Also, various intricate technical details about chemical compositions also where talked about in the event, such as, Dr. Murli Shastry’s lecture on the biological synthesis of nano-oxides, Dr.Myers lecture on obstructed bladder syndrome, etc. The event also was an opportunity for the participants to ask and understand anything and everything about Industrial Green Chemistry from the experts. It was also a prestigious platform where the contributors towards sustainability received their due recognition in the form of awards and exhibition. Companies, such as, Catapharma, PI Industries Ltd. , etc. were awarded for their benign initiatives. Even students initiatives were awarded.

However, truly a global event, I hope that this event become an inspiration for everyone to adopt benign ways and protect our planet from the ghastly disaster of global warming. If you have missed to be a part of this event, then you can check out the web telecast here at

Also, this is just a beginning, so if you have missed the opportunity to be at IGCW this time, then prepare yourself to be with us in the year 2011. Let us together share our sustainable contribution with the world!

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Watch live telecast of Industrial Green Chemistry right here …

The much-awaited Industrial Green Chemistry is finally here. The first day, i.e., 4th December, 2009, marked the beginning of the unprecedented workshop. Here the who’s who of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are present to share, interact, partner, and take back value of the event.  What else, the likes of Prof. Paul Anastas, the Father of Green Chemistry and Dr. John Warner, who together co-founded the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry have already begun sharing their experiences and knowledge on industrial green chemistry with the participants of the event.

The workshop begun at 8 am IST with a welcome speech by Mr. Nitesh Mehta, the convener of Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop, 2009, which was followed by the inauguration ceremony by Dr.Ramaswamy, who also delivered speech on Industrial Green Chemistry. Dr. John Warner, who is also the chief guest at IGCW, gave a keynote speech laying an introduction to IGCW 2009.  Further, the co-founders of Green chemistry were felicitated by Dr. Ramaswamy.Then finally the much-awaited speeches by the key people of the industry begun. So, to catch up more on the event stay tune with us: