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Are you an Enviropreneur?

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Entrepreneurship was the buzz word sometime back. But have you heard of ‘Enviropreneurship’? Environmental entrepreneurs are called Enviropreneurs. Environmentalists learning the concepts of business are into enviropreneurship who “bring market principles to resolve environmental problems.” This relatively new field encourages market-based solutions for environmental problems by educating environmentalists the principles of economics and the market. Enviropreneurship is an ideal model to help accelerate the implementation of Green Chemistry in everyday living.
Enviropreneurship is a new word for many. But for Newreka, it is the basis of their work and philosophy. Newreka helps create a system that encourages chemists and chemical engineers to develop into Enviropreneurs and deliver practices of Green Chemistry through powerful partnership with customers and all stakeholders in the chemical industry.
To elaborate the whole idea of Enviropreneurship, Mr. Nitesh Mehta from Newreka will present a paper at the 14th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, which will be held at the The Capital Hilton, Washington, DC from June 21 to 23. Mr. Nitesh Mehta, who holds a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT-B Mumbai, is an expert on Technology Implementation at the plant level. He will be presenting his thoughts and findings on the topic: “Green chemistry and engineering can offer a whole playground for entrepreneurs”.

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Industrial Green Chemistry World is India's first flagship platform that brings together the mainstream issues concerning Green Chemistry and Green Engineering to all stakeholders of Chemical Industry. Join us at the IGCW-2015 Symposium & Expo in Mumbai, India. Through your participation, be assured of an enriching exposure to diverse successful endeavors in the industry that can transform your thinking on your technological and business practices with world leading practices and global trends. In line with the success of IGCW-2009, IGCW-2011, IGCW-2013, the IGCW-2015 Symposium and Expo will provide business leaders at all levels with insights into developing and enhancing profitable and sustainable means for implementing Green Chemistry and Green Engineering practices. Successful practitioners and experts in the field will present on the many current and future green and sustainable opportunities in the chemical industry.

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