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Adios!! Informex2011

11th of February, time for the curtain call at InformexUSA-2011. It was great attending the event this year too, in-spite of all the uncertain weather forecasts! It managed well to bring together companies having an innovative eye for green chemistry and process technologies, while having sustainability applications for specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

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It was great sharing about Newreka’s Recycle@Source technology with visitors from across the globe, as it is always inspiring to answer to so many curious questions on our aptly-timed innovation. We are looking forward to bringing back these varied inquires to our R&D team in India!

Also, people were all ears about the Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW-2011). An increasing appetite for green chemistry events and platforms is an indicator that the Chemical community is eagerly looking for technical know-how and global trends on Industrial applications on green chemistry and engineering practices.
With this shift in demand, we are happy to announce the world largest Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW), an International platform for Chemical companies to actively engage in exploring business value and competitiveness of implementing green chemistry and engineering.

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Newreka goes to Informex-2011!

Newreka Green Synth Technologies is growing everyday; and as it grows, it aims to take its message of a green world, across the globe. As a part of increasing our global footprints, Newreka Green Synth Technologies is taking part in Informex 2011. This annual event is one of the first chemical industry conventions, that brings together global buyers and sellers of chemicals, chemical technologies and related services to get up-to-date information about the capabilities of high-value, high-quality fine, specialty and custom chemical manufacturers. This can range from pilot to a commercial scales. This year, the event goes to Charlotte, North Carolina. Feb 7-10 are the dates you should mark on your calendar.

InformEx is one of the first Industrial conventions offering platform to ‘green’ initiatives in the Chemical Industry. Over 17 chemical companies are showcasing their ‘green’ technologies, products and services. Newreka is one of the exhibitors at the Green Pavilion. The Green Pavilion will bring together companies with an innovative eye for green chemistry and process technologies that have sustainability applications for the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

On 9th of February Newreka presents the ‘Breakfast Briefing’ To share with the visitors about the ‘Recycle at Source’ solutions, which are economical and environmentally competitive. The pharmaceutical and allied companies will be especially focused upon, as they have very high E-factor.

Newreka’s effort to promote a preventive approach for revisiting the concept of ‘waste’, as opposed to a remedial approach, doesn’t end here! The next step will be the IGCW Industrial Exhibition 2011. This will be one-of-a-kind of an industrial event, where stakeholders of the chemical industry will come together to explore the possibilities of industrializing green chemistry & green engineering technologies for their products, services & streams. It is a global platform initiated by the Green ChemisTree Foundation, a philanthropic expression founded by Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for promoting Green Chemistry and Engineering (GC&E) practices. It is a perfect platform for chemical companies to showcase their products & processes, inspire and be insapired to go green with their processes.

Please visit to confirm your participation!