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Spreading the Green Word

For years we have been hearing that the world will end soon, especially in this age, when pollution and wastage really rule. But why believe in such rumors when we can work together to make a brighter tomorrow!

Green Chemistry & Engineering is a progressive step taken to help save our planet from harmful chemicals. Slowly and steadily Green Chemistry & Engineering practices are being adopted and implemented in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry processes around the world. This will not only prove beneficial for the environment but also a profitable investment. Events like CPHI-China, Chemspec-Europe and the 15th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference are few such events that give a serious thought about the future. With the world talking green, these three events got them talking about IGCW-2011 as well!

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The CphI in China alone hosts over 1600 exhibitors with over a lakh of people visiting the event. Not only did that substantially increase visibility, but was a milestone, with IGCW inviting Chinese companies to explore green chemistry, engineering business propositions and global trends. This has interested several Chinese companies that are now keen to showcase their green chemistry and engineering based technologies at the IGCW –Expo.

At Chemspec, Europe, IGCW managed to interest 15 European companies, who now want to showcase their green chemistry and engineering based technologies & services. Across the Atlantic, at the GCandE Conference at Washington DC, IGCW used one of the best and oldest platform to spread the word. There are now ongoing partnership discussions with various leading bodies including US EPA, European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG), Chemical Industries Association (UK), Scottish Development International and Green Product Design Network.

Green Chemistry has inspired a revolution. At the GCandE Conference, keynote presentations by global leaders such as  Prof. Paul Anastas, Prof. Martyn Poliakoff, Founder of Biomimicry Guild, Ms. Janine Benyus  and the Nobel Laureate Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi has inspired us to surge forward with renewed vigor. The father of Green Chemistry, Paul Anastas, called for the green chemistry version of ‘man on the moon’ program. A global opportunity for worldwide initiatives to come together and forward green chemistry as a global expression. Join us in the endeavor.