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The Twelve Steps to IGCW 2011

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The countdown to one of the world’s best platform to communicate the clean green mantra is here. The Hotel InterContinental the Lalit in Mumbai will be the place to be on the 4th of December, 2011 for the International Green Chemistry World. But if you still need more reasons to be a part of this movement, we bring to you the twelve WHYs for marking the date in your diary:

1. The IGCW symposium will give you an opportunity to meet over 400 senior representatives from Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Dyes & Pigments, Fine & Specialty Chemical companies of diverse scales – MNCs, Large, SMEs and Start-ups, both local and international.

2. You will have a chance to personally connect and interact with the leaders, founders & fathers of green chemistry & engineering. Dr. Paul Anastas, Dr. John Warner, Dr. James Clark, Dr. Roger Sheldon will be in attendance amongst others.

3. You get an opportunity to learn from the likes of Pfizer, GSK, Dow Chemicals, L’Oreal, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ and many more about that impact of sustainability.

4. There will be over 70 exhibitors with diverse green chemistry and engineering initiatives, services, products, technologies and solutions, showcasing to over 4000 visitors across 3 days.

5. You will have access to the IGCW ecosystem to share your concerns, questions, and experiences to forward emerging need of triple bottom line benefits impacting – Economics, Environment and Everybody.

6. It is a chance to network with experts from the world of invention and innovation for exploring collaborative partnerships in the field of industrial green chemistry & engineering.

7. Come along to explore the long-term strategy for prevention rather than protection to be competitive in the emerging, regulations driven, global scenario.

8. IGCW is a timely opportunity to brand and position your organization’s commitment and contribution in the sustainability direction.

9. It is a chance to recognize national and international trends that are driving markets, funding, regulations, policies and partnerships within the ‘green’ context.

10. You can assess the impact of your organization’s environmental footprint to your business and the communities.

11. Identify barriers in the implementation of industrial green chemistry and engineering and address those barriers by partnering with various stakeholders.

12. It is your chance to maximize your business presence in Mumbai, India by participating in IGCW-2011 and CPhI India 2011 in the same week.

It is an event you simply cannot afford to miss. It is the 12 steps to green freedom…

Author: igcw

Industrial Green Chemistry World is India's first flagship platform that brings together the mainstream issues concerning Green Chemistry and Green Engineering to all stakeholders of Chemical Industry. Join us at the IGCW-2015 Symposium & Expo in Mumbai, India. Through your participation, be assured of an enriching exposure to diverse successful endeavors in the industry that can transform your thinking on your technological and business practices with world leading practices and global trends. In line with the success of IGCW-2009, IGCW-2011, IGCW-2013, the IGCW-2015 Symposium and Expo will provide business leaders at all levels with insights into developing and enhancing profitable and sustainable means for implementing Green Chemistry and Green Engineering practices. Successful practitioners and experts in the field will present on the many current and future green and sustainable opportunities in the chemical industry.

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