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Reduction chemistry made profit-centric by Newreka’s Platform Technology #1

Chemistry : Aromatic Nitro to Amine reduction

Applicable : When the nitro and amine are both soluble in water

‘Greener’ alternative to conventional approach :

  • The nitro is reduced in the presence of Newreka’s proprietary catalysts “G-Cat” and “R-Cat”
  • The spent G-Cat is filtered out and the rest is sent to a crystallizer and centrifuge from where the amine is taken out
  • The mother liquor is treated with R-Cat to remove organic and inorganic impurities and then recycled into the processpatent technology IP 242146

Advantages :

  Economics   –   Increase profitability by over 5% through a Profit-Centric   approach
  Quality   –   High Purity, low Impurity profile while integrating   Recycle@SourceTM  Solutions
  Quantity   –   High selectivity leading to increase in yield by 5-10%
  Productivity   –   Reduce process batch time by 30%
  Environment   –   Minimize liquid effluents by 80%
  Safety   –   Freedom from high pressure, incidental hazards, pyrophoricity,   acidic and alkaline conditions
  Energy   –   Minimize energy consumption by 20%

Products that can benefit from this technology :

  Nitro   CAS no   Amine   CAS no
  4-nitrophenol   100-02-7   4-aminophenol   123-30-8
  2-nitrophenol   88-75-5   2-aminophenol   95-55-6
  2-chloro-3-nitro-4- methyl   pyridine   23056-39-5   2-chloro-3-amino-4-   methyl pyridine   133627-45-9
  4-nitroso meta cresol   615-01-0   4-amino meta cresol   2835-99-6
  6632-68-4   Theophiline   58-08-2

Successfully Industrialized :

  • In over 5 API & API Intermediate manufacturing companies having E-Factor of more than 50 (E-Factor = Kg Waste /Kg Product)
  • 10+ Fine Chemicals Industry (Agro, Dyes, Pigments & its intermediate manufacturers)- with E-Factor of more than 25

Case-study :

More than 800 successful Recycle loops set up for an API Intermediate. click here to read customer feedback.