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Reduction Chemistry made profit-centric by Newreka’s Platform Technology #2


You may remember reading about Newreka’s Platform Technology #1. It is now time to discuss Platform Technology #2 for Nitro to Amine reduction.

Chemistry : Aromatic Nitro to Amine reduction

Applicable : When the nitro is soluble in water and amine is soluble in alkaline solution

‘Greener’ alternative to conventional approach :

  • The nitro is reduced in water in the presence of Newreka’s proprietary catalyst “G-Cat”
  • The pH is made alkaline, i.e. neutralization takes place. The spent G-Cat is filtered out and the product is isolated
    and then filtered out
  • The acidic mother liquor then undergoes “R-Cat” processing and purification to remove organic and inorganic
    impurities. It is then recycled into the reaction vessel where it originally came from.

Products that can benefit from this technology :

  Molecule   Nitro   CAS no   Amine   CAS no
  MPDSA   1,3-Dinitro-4-sulphonic
  89-02-1   1,3-diamino-4-
sulphonic acid
  DASDA   4,4’-dinitro stilbene-2,
2’-disulphonic acid
  3709-43-1   4,4’-diamino stilbene-
2,2’-disulphonic acid
  PABA   4-nitro benzoic acid   62-23-7   4-amino benzoic acid   150-13-0
  DCAP   2,6-dichloro-4-nitro
  618-80-4   2,6-dichloro-4-amino
  FC ACID   4-amino-4’-nitro diphenyl
amine-2-sulphonic acid
  91-29-2   4,4’-diamino diphenyl
amine-2-sulphonic acid
  DABA   3,5- dinitro benzoic acid   99-34-3   3,5-diamino benzoic acid   535-87-5
  4-CAP   4-chloro-2-nitro phenol   89-64-5   4-chloro-2-amino phenol   95-85-2
  OAPSA   2-nitro phenol 4 sulphonic
  96-93-5   2-amino phenol 4-
sulphonic acid

Successfully Industrialized :

10+ recycles at Dye and Dye intermediate plant with E-Factor over 25 


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  1. We are Request to 4cap reduction process

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