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Know the purpose behind Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop!

These days consumers are getting more conscious about their choices, and the awareness on global warming and issues like this are actually motivating people to pull up their socks and do their bit for environmental protection. Consequently, people are voting with their shopping dollars, gravitating towards green businesses. This has led industry people, researchers, and scientists to actually sit and think over adopting benign technologies in the manufacturing business. And guess what? IGCW is exactly an upshot to this same humble thought and commitment!

Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW-2009), to be held in Mumbai from 4th to 6th December, 2009, is an initiative intended to facilitate the chemical industry on the multi-dimensional opportunities to create, build, and sustain a competitive advantage through the adoption of Industrial Green Chemistry (IGC) and Engineering practices. The workshop will provide you with an extensive awareness on sustainable and profitable manufacturing. It will also bringforth the global trends technologies, engineering, processes, economics, products, and environmental regulations.  It offers a new platform to explore ‘green’ business opportunities with domain experts and industrial leaders, viz, Prof. Paul Anastas, Dr. John Warner, Dr. Murli Sastry, and Dr. Rakeshwar Bandichhor, etc.

IGCW-2009 provides an apt platform for companies, organisations, corporate, institutes, and similar bodies to communicate their Green, Clean, and Sustainable initiatives and commitments through exploring the possibilities of being an IGCW-2009 Exhibitor, or by being an IGCW-2009 Sponsor, and/or by submitting a case study for Industrial Award Nomination.

IGCW-2009 is principally designed on the basis of a 9-Eye (I) Approach; each ‘eye’ representing the vision of participants for engaging them into emerging views of Industrial Green Chemistry paradigms.

The key purpose of this initiative is to:

o    Align your organization’s direction with global trends in Sustainability
o    Explore Industrial Green Chemistry (IGC) for business differentiation and competitiveness
o    Distinguish and confront need of IGC for competing in global market with volatile regulations
o    Help you formulate your R&D strategies to design and develop green capabilities
o    Realise priority barriers in implementing IGC
o    Transform “pollution control” to “pollution prevention” as profit centre approach
o    Create strategic partnership between stakeholders
o    Recognise and acknowledge original contribution in the field of IGC

The workshop will allow you to grasp the means for identifying unforeseen challenges in the implementation of IGC, and the role of all stakeholders (industry, regulatory bodies, government, trade associations, financial institutes, research institutes and academia) in meeting these challenges. It will also give you an opportunity to initiate joint projects and partnership with various stakeholders to determine customised green chemistry solutions to address your specific needs.

So, explore IGCW for increasing your business competitiveness through a sustainable model.  Don’t forget Green is the colour of money too!