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Profitability from Industrial Green Chemistry and Engineering

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The recent Indian success story is a slow and steady one. It is an economic boom that everyone wants to be a part of. Its not just conducive policies, but many other factors that have put India well on its way to becoming the global manufacturing hub! This extends to all industries including the pharmacy & fine chemicals sector. Developed countries, increasingly want outsourcing of active ingredients, advanced intermediates and starting intermediates from India. India, on the other hand, is expanding capacities and adding new products to its portfolio. The result, of course, is the increase in profits and business, coupled with an increase in effluents and wastes. With increased awareness, there is also an increased pressure from various regulatory bodies to explore new technologies, products or services which will enable them to reduce such wastes.

Even the companies want to do their bit to save the environment by trying new ideas, new concepts and innovations related to environmental domains. There may be challenges in the form of space constraints in their existing set-up, competition from Chinese manufacturers, customers demanding “greener products & processes” and increasingly tightening environmental discharge norms. But there is a solution –  “Green Chemistry”.

Science has the potential to address all these challenges together by providing various products and services, that can directly or indirectly help the industry to expand, and simultaneously reduce its environmental footprint. It is a revolution that includes everyone – from start-ups to large companies, research institutes, academic institutes and consultants, leading the charge. They may be based in India as well as across US & Europe. But the aim is to make people aware about green chemistry, green engineering & sustainability. And this is where we come back to India and its huge potential market for such products.

The IGCW 2011 – Expo is one such extraordinary opportunity for such companies offering Green Chemistry & Green Engineering based products and services, to reach out to the senior decision makers of over 300 pharmacy & fine chemical companies, and explore new business opportunities. It is an opportunity to reach out to a global audience, with world class solutions.

This month, Mr. Nitesh Mehta, Convener of IGCW 2011 and Founder Director of Newreka, will be attending the ‘Pharma ChemOutsourcing‘ and ‘Sustainable Chemistry Summit‘. We look forward to meeting you at these events to share information about Newreka’s services and the Industrial Green Chemistry World 2011. To meet Mr. Mehta at these events, you can contact him at We request you to suggest a specific time slot for you and your team to meet us.