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Reduction Chemistry made profit-centric by Newreka’s Platform Technology #2

You may remember reading about Newreka’s Platform Technology #1. It is now time to discuss Platform Technology #2 for Nitro to Amine reduction.

Chemistry : Aromatic Nitro to Amine reduction

Applicable : When the nitro is soluble in water and amine is soluble in alkaline solution

‘Greener’ alternative to conventional approach :

  • The nitro is reduced in water in the presence of Newreka’s proprietary catalyst “G-Cat”
  • The pH is made alkaline, i.e. neutralization takes place. The spent G-Cat is filtered out and the product is isolated
    and then filtered out
  • The acidic mother liquor then undergoes “R-Cat” processing and purification to remove organic and inorganic
    impurities. It is then recycled into the reaction vessel where it originally came from.

Products that can benefit from this technology :

  Molecule   Nitro   CAS no   Amine   CAS no
  MPDSA   1,3-Dinitro-4-sulphonic
  89-02-1   1,3-diamino-4-
sulphonic acid
  DASDA   4,4’-dinitro stilbene-2,
2’-disulphonic acid
  3709-43-1   4,4’-diamino stilbene-
2,2’-disulphonic acid
  PABA   4-nitro benzoic acid   62-23-7   4-amino benzoic acid   150-13-0
  DCAP   2,6-dichloro-4-nitro
  618-80-4   2,6-dichloro-4-amino
  FC ACID   4-amino-4’-nitro diphenyl
amine-2-sulphonic acid
  91-29-2   4,4’-diamino diphenyl
amine-2-sulphonic acid
  DABA   3,5- dinitro benzoic acid   99-34-3   3,5-diamino benzoic acid   535-87-5
  4-CAP   4-chloro-2-nitro phenol   89-64-5   4-chloro-2-amino phenol   95-85-2
  OAPSA   2-nitro phenol 4 sulphonic
  96-93-5   2-amino phenol 4-
sulphonic acid

Successfully Industrialized :

10+ recycles at Dye and Dye intermediate plant with E-Factor over 25 


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Newreka’s Recycle@SourceTM Solution : A New Preventive Paradigm based on Green Chemistry Approach

Aim : Reduction of E-Factor* by recycling at source of reaction-processes’ aqueous streams (*E-Factor= Kgs of waste generated in manufacturing per kg of product)

Applicable : To the chemistry-intensive sectors such as Pharma API and its intermediates (E-Factor > 50) and fine chemicals – dyes, pigments, agro chemicals and their intermediates – (E Factor > 25)

Mechanism :

  • The aqueous stream from each reaction is recycled locally at reactor level, instead of mixing the streams from various reactions across the plant, doing a primary treatment to send it to ETP/CETP
  • Individual aqueous streams are processed and purified with Newreka’s customized proprietary catalytic formulation “R-Cat” (Recycle Cat) which selectively prevents organic and inorganic impurities from building up in the recycle loops
  • This purified stream is then recycled as reaction/extraction medium back to the same chemical process step where it originally came from. Hence the name Recycle@SourceTM Solution

Advantages and Benefits :

  • Quality : Consistent quality of product is retained over many many recycle loops
  • Quantity : Due to recycle of soluble product in aqueous stream, the overall conversion is enhanced with each recycle
  • Productivity : Overall productivity is improved by 10 to 20%
  • Environment : Aqueous effluent load minimized by 80%, thereby preventing treatment cost
  • Safety : “R-Cat” is inherently safe and easy to handle
  • Economics : 5 to 10% increase in overall profitability

Case Study : Recycle@SourceTM Solution applied to a 60 TPA Pharma Intermediate Plant:

Click here to read customer feedback

Products that can benefit :

  Pharma API and
  Albendazole, Omeprazole, Itraconazole,   Triclabendazole,
Nevirapine, Retigabine, Quetiapine, Domperidone,
Dronedarone, Darunavir, Dabigatran, Sildenafil Citrate,   Paracetamol For more, click here.
  Fine Chemicals (Dyes,
pigments, agro   chemical, specialty
chemicals and their   Intermediates)
DABA, C-Acid, Violet-23, PABZ

  Dichloroaniline, Meta Bromoaniline, 5-amino orthotoluedine
P-aminophenol, Dichloroaminophenol, OAP, PPD